Hulkenberg wants to put Singapore GP behind

Suzuka (Japan), Sep 22 (IANS) Force India driver Nico Hulkenberg wants to put behind Sunday’s disappointing race at Singapore and is more than eager to get back in his car to go racing at the Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix this weekend.

A crash with Williams’ Felipe Massa in Singapore two days back sent Hulkenberg into the barriers, ending his race. To add to it, he has also not had a good run recently. In his last four races, he retired twice, did not start in one but managed to finish seventh in Italy.

“The benefit of back-to-back races is that you can get back in the saddle right after a disappointing race. Singapore was a missed opportunity to score a lot of points but I’ve put it behind me now. I would rather focus on the positives and on the good pace we showed until the accident,” said the German driver on Tuesday.

The 28-year-old’s poor run has also led him to being overtaken in the drivers’ standings by teammate Sergio Perez, who is now ninth with 39 points, while Hulkenberg is 12th with 30.

But the Force India driver wants to turn things around this weekend when he takes to the fast and flowing 5.8 km Suzuka Circuit here.

“The week we spend in Japan is always good fun. All the drivers love Suzuka because it’s a classic, old-school track with some very special corners: the Esses, Degner, Spoon and 130R. It’s very fast, with high G-forces and you really feel the grip and performance from the downforce. In that sense, it’s also very physical on your neck,” said Hulkenberg.

“The challenge of Suzuka is making sure you find the right rhythm. The lap is technical and you have to be precise because almost all the corners flow into the next one. That’s why a small mistake can be very costly in terms of lap time if you lose the flow of the whole lap.”

The German added that he is a big fan of Japanese culture and food.

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