Human capital at heart of India’s partnership with Africa: Modi

New Delhi, Oct 29 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said development of human capital in every walk of life will be at the heart of India’s partnership with Africa.

Addressing the India-Africa Forum Summit (IAFS) here, Modi said India will help in improving connectivity across Africa, developing infrastructure and setting up technology parks.

“We will help connect Africa from Cairo to Cape Town, from Marakesh to Mombassa; help develop your infrastructure, power and irrigation; help add value to your resources in Africa; and, set up industrial and information technology parks,” he said.

Modi said India will raise level of its support for the “vision of a prosperous, integrated, and united Africa that is a major partner for the world”.

He said the best partnership is one that develops human capital and institutions and equips a nation to have the freedom to make its own choices.

“It also opens doors to opportunities for the youth. Development of human capital in every walk of life will be at the heart of our partnership. We will open our doors more; we will expand tele-education; and we will continue to build institutions in Africa.”

Modi said technology will be a strong foundation of partnership between India and Africa.

“We will make available our space assets and technology. We will use the possibilities of digital technology to transform development, public services, governance, disaster response, resource management and quality of life.”

He said India’s expertise in healthcare and affordable medicines can offer new hope in the fight against many diseases and give a newborn a better chance to survive. “We will also collaborate to develop Indian and African treasures of traditional knowledge and medicines.”

Modi said India will expand and extend the Pan Africa E-Network which links 48 African countries to India and to each other and added that it will also help set up the Pan Africa Virtual University.

“We will work to reduce digital divide within Africa and between Africa and rest of the world,” he said.

Modi said India will cooperate for sustainable development of blue economy that will become important future drivers of prosperity.

“For me, blue economy is part of a larger blue revolution to reclaim our blue skies and blue waters, as we move on the path of clean development,” he said.

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