‘I am not a machine. I can’t learn the lines in half-an-hour,’ says Nana Patekar

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Veteran actor Nana Patekar will coming with a cop in new thriller movie ‘Aapla Manus’.

He is known to be quite explosive and keeping in news always.

There have been instances of the actor walking out of the sets in fury.

Patekar tells on his justifying stand, “I may sound arrogant, but it’s true that I interfere a lot on the sets. There have been times when I have even walked out.”

He says, “But these things happen when the scriptwriter has not written the script, and then he makes it up at the last minute. I am not a machine. I can’t learn the lines in half-an-hour.”

Talking about, in an industry driven by the star system, Nana says, “I want to be remembered for my work and not by these temporary tags like ‘star’ and ‘superstar’. I don’t believe in them.”

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“They don’t hold any value. One day, the audience will like you; the next day, you won’t exist for them. I have refrained from all these things as my needs have always been limited. I still stay in the same house that my family bought many years back,” he added.

Patekar addmitted that what might be termed a ‘temper tantrum’ is, in reality, him voicing his protest against a scene that he is not convinced about.

He said, “I need the script and my dialogues prior the shot. That way, I can have a constructive argument if need be.”

Recently, Nana Patekar busy in his upcoming movie ‘Aapla Manus’, and will next be seen playing an antagonist in Rajinikanth’s Kaala.–CINEWS

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