I am not meeting anti-social elements, says Omar after accusing Govt. of spying on him

Srinagar, Sept. 4 (ANI): Reiterating his allegation that Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)-led Government in Jammu and Kashmir was spying on him, former chief minister Omar Abdullah on Friday rejected the explanation that it was a routine security measure to keep an eye on anti-social elements saying that it was obvious that he had no intention of meeting anti-social elements.

“There is a difference between a journalist and an anti-social element, now somebody who has been admitted to my home has been admitted with my knowledge. I am clearly not going to be meeting an anti-social elements, does that mean that this government doesn’t trust me? Which clearly means that this government is spying on me,” Abdullah told media here.

“If you have to stop anti-social elements you stop them outside my house, you don’t question them after they have been to my house and left…You can’t cover this up by saying that this is a security measure, because it is not,” he added.

PDP had today rejected Abdullah’s allegation of spying on him, saying that it was not a cop but a disgruntled National Conference (NC) worker who had accosted the journalist.

According to reports, the police had later said that it was a routine activity to keep an eye on the anti-social elements.

Abdullah earlier accused the Mufti Mohammed Sayeed-led PDP Government of spying on him.

In a series of tweets, Omar stated that a journalist interviewing him was stopped and questioned allegedly by the CID. (ANI)

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