I couldn’t care less about winning: Vivian D’sena

Mumbai, Feburary 23 (CINEWS): Vivian D’sena, who is good to go to make a passage in the truth show Khatron Ke Khiladi, discusses his adoration for enterprise.Vivian

A self-admitted experience addict, Vivian D’sena is happy to investigate his wild side in the most recent season of the truth appear, Khatron Ke Khiladi. Joining the show as a trump card participant, Vivian demands he couldn’t care less about winning and is there for the adrenaline surge. Vivian claims he fears literally nothing and is raring to do even the most dangerous trick.

He says, “My wife Vahbbiz inquired as to whether there was a trick that I was vigilant about, and I said no. While shooting for my fiction show Madhubala, I lifted a noxious cobra without engaging an eyelid. The other cast individuals fled exactly at seeing it while I sat alone holding the cobra. Regardless I have that clasp. Tricks are my strong point. My wife calls me a ‘peculiar man’. She has been behind my life to do Khatron ke Khiladi beforehand yet I couldn’t take it up due to my work responsibilities.”

Furious about how effortlessly most VIP contenders surrender and prematurely end the trick mid way, the performer states, “I have been watching the show nearly and am annoyed by how effectively a few big names prematurely end a trick. It’s so advantageous to say ‘I can’t do it’. What’s the point in agreeing to a reality show like this? By doing each trick given to me, I am here to let them know: Don’t surrender. It requires just a little push to defeat your trepidation. On the off chance that they have come this far it is not out of the question they hang in till the end and not get disposed of in view of their powerlessness to do the trick.”

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