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I don’t look at Sita as victim of patriarchy: Shivya

Lucknow, Aug 3 (IANS) Television actress Shivya Pathania, who essays Sita in the upcoming “Ram Siya Ki Luv Kush”, says her mythological protagonist is presented as the dutiful wife on the show, but certainly not as a victim of patriarchal society of that era. Rather, she adds that Sita is more relatable to the new generation.

“As an individual I believe gender equality is all about having freedom to practice one’s choice. One does not have to cater to the idea of feminism that other men or women may hold. Therefore, I do not look at Sita as a woman who is weak or victim of patriarchy. We have treated the character with a modern outlook on the show,” Shivya told IANS.

Shivya said she initially had reservations about why Sita has to go to exile a second time and compromise the happiness of her family.

“Then, I tried to understand the other perspective. It was her choice to go with Ram for the 14 years of exile. For her, it was not a punishment because only Ram had to go on an exile. If Sita decided to go with Ram, being his wife, it was her choice. On returning to Ayodhya, Ram never questioned on her character but society did. Since Sita was a princess and admired by the praja (subjects), so she chose to set the example and bring back respect to the royal clan. That is the reason she chose exile for a second time,” said Shivya.

“When we pray to Ram and Sita, we do not do so because they were king and queen of Ayodhya, but because of their greatness as individuals and for the sacrifices they made for their prajas. We want to achieve their morality and extraordinary personality. We wish we have that, so we endure that,” said the actress who was crowned as Miss Shimla in 2013 before entering the world of acting.

“Ram Siya Ke Luv Kush” features Krish Chauhan and Harshit Kabra as Luv and Kush, along with Shivya and Himanshu Soni as Sita and Ram respectively.

Being an actress on TV, a platform that is often tagged regressive as far as its portrayal of women is concerned, Shivya felt that most extreme portyals of men and women on the small screen were unrealistic.

“I think the real colour of a human being is grey, and not black or white. Any show or film that paints women otherwise, is not real. A woman or a man can never be always strong or always weak. I am a strong-willed person but I am also vulnerable at times. That is the real me,” said the actress, who appeared in shows such as “Ek Rishta Saajhedari Ka”, “Dil Dhoondta Hai”, and “Vikram Betaal Ki Rahasya Gatha” among others.

So, how does she look at the changing representation of women in the entertainment space?

“The entertainment space, for me it is all three- digital, movie and TV is becoming interesting with the representation of women. If we are telling a mythological story on TV or in the movie, we are trying to establish the real side of women and not just one side, the stereotype where they are just the follower of their husband or father.”

“Women have their own mind, and the entertainment space is celebrating that, therefore I am happy!” she replied.

“Ram Siya Ke Luv Kush” airs from August 5 on Colors TV.




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