I don’t mind kissing on-screen: Randeep Rai

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New Delhi, May 18 (IANS) “Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai” actor Randeep Rai has no qualms about kissing his co-stars for a project. He says he will do it only if there is a requirement.

In the show set in the 1990s, he plays a student named Sameer who has won over the hearts of many women by his charm.

According to a report, he and and his co-star Ashi Singh will “kiss in public” as part of the show.

Asked about it, Randeep told IANS over phone from Mumbai: “There is no kiss but I don’t mind (kissing on-screen). There is no issue. If there will be a requirement then I will be okay with it. If not in this show then in another show. I won’t mind doing it.”

He is currently excited about the show’s college track which will begin soon on Sony Entertainment Television.

“Costume changes are basic. The major changes are in the character. Sameer is getting older, his responsibilities will increase, lifestyle will change, he will become more mature. These are the changes that count,” he said.

Sameer had shifted base to Delhi but is now back in Ahmedabad.

“His heart was always in Ahmedabad but due to a situation, he had to stay in Delhi. Finally, he is back in Ahmedabad,” Randeep said about his character.

Going by his decision to stop communicating with his love Naina after his grandmother’s comments, Sameer seems to be a superstitious person. Is he superstitious in real life too?

“I am a little bit. You should be a little superstitious. But not as much as Sameer. Sameer is very young so kids easily buy it,” he said.

While he and his friends will continue with the show, his co-stars Hema Sood and Somendra Solanki have quit after their “unfair journey”. Without commenting much on it, Randeep said: “I hardly shot with them.”

But he is really happy to play the lead actor of “Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai”.

“This show has given me a lot of fame, name and love from people around the world. It will be always close to my heart,” said the young actor.

Owing to his popularity after the show, some people have also targeted him online by romantically linking him to his co-star Rishina Kandhari and actress Esha Singh.

“It is wrong thinking of people. There are lots of relationships – friends, brothers and sisters. Recently, I had put up a photo with my cousin. Few days later, I saw a video on YouTube. Someone had posted it saying that she was my ex-girlfriend.

“Of course, it feels bad. I consider my friends to be a family. Rishina is married. I am just 25 years old. I have just started my career and I have to make my family proud.

“So, I just ignore these things. I won’t stop living my life. I will hang out with the people whom I like.”

He has millions of fans who express their love for him on social media but somehow “Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai” hasn’t been able to get good TRPs.

“I have no idea (why it’s not doing well). I am doing my part and working hard,” he said.

Does he fear that the show, which premiered last year, will soon get axed?

“Of course not. It’s part of life. There is a beginning and ending to everything. There is no fear,” he said.



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