I have many regrets in life: ‘Homeland’ star

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New Delhi, March 9 (IANS) Jake Weber is living a life with many personal and professional regrets. The English actor says he has hurt people and wishes to undo his mistakes.

The actor has worked in films like “Dawn of the Dead”, “Into My Heart”, “Meet Joe Black”, “White House Down”, “U-571” and “Learning to Drive”, which was aired in India earlier this month on AXN.

“I have many regrets in my personal life and everyone does. I am in my fifties and I made mistakes and I have hurt people in my travels and I wish I could make those right,” Weber told IANS in a recorded response.

As an actor, Weber feels he should have waited for the right role to come his way instead of taking hasty career decisions.

“Somebody told me once a long time ago that an actor is defined as much by the roles he doesn’t take as by the roles he does. I believe that I have taken some roles that I shouldn’t have and turned down other roles that I should have taken.

“If I could have done it over again, I would not have taken some jobs and allowed myself to be without work sometime longer to find things right for me,” he added.

Starting in 1989 with “Dream Street”, Weber has worked in films as well as television.

The small screen audience remembers Weber for his stint in “Law & Order”, “Medium”, “Elementary”, “The Following”, “The Blacklist” and “Homeland”.

What’s his next career goal?

“My next career hope is to work in Los Angeles (LA) so that I can be with my family. One of the drawbacks of being an actor is our lifestyle. I am always travelling and miss my family because most of the work is not filmed in LA — where we live,” said the 54-year-old.

The actor says the lifestyle is exciting but only when one is young.

“When you are a young man, that is very exciting because you get to travel the world. And when you are single, you meet new people. When you reach middle age, got married and became a father, you want to stay at home and so that is my hope for this year. That I can stay at home and be with my kid and my wife,” said the actor, who is married to Korri Culbertson and shares a son with her.

On the work front, Weber is looking forward to the seventh season of “Homeland” — about an action-filled spy life woven with the thrills of a political drama.

“I can’t say what the seventh season has in store for the audience because I signed a piece of paper saying if I do, I will go to jail. But I can tell you that some of the topical news events will show up in this season of ‘Homeland’ including some of the challenges we are facing with relations with Russia,” he said.

“Homeland” follows the life of a CIA agent Carrie Mathison. It narrates how the agent risks everything in her duty to safeguard her country.

Weber feels “Homeland” is a classic television series.

“‘Homeland’ will last the test of time, and will be considered one of the superior pieces of TV to come out during its time,” he said.

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