I realised that she is not Fatima but Geeta: Bilquis Bano

New Delhi, Oct. 26 (ANI): Recalling Geeta’s initial days at the Edhi Foundation, Bilquis Bano, head of the organization, called Geeta her daughter from India.

“First we couldn’t understand what she wanted to convey. But later I realized that she is from the neighbouring country (India). Then I realised that she is not Fatima but Geeta.” Bilquis Bano said in a press conference here.

The philanthropist said that she did feel sad that Geeta was leaving Pakistan , but is very happy that she has reached her country.

Recalling her initial experience with Geeta, when she was admitted to the Edhi Foundation , Bilquis said:

“Through Radio Pakistan programme we have saved around 40,000 children. Other than that, I have united around 50,000 girls with their parents. But this was a different case for me. She used to earlier try to run from the institute in Lahore. Children try to run so that they could find their homes. Then we shifted her to another place. She used to fight as she used to do things according to her,” she added.

Geeta was then taken to Edhi Foundation where she lived for over seven years. She was named Fatima by them.

Ms Biliquis also remembered how she realised that Geeta was an Indian.

“She used to get excited while watching Indian Television programmes. She used to cry and plead us by folding hands and touching our feet. She used to ask us to take her to take her to a temple,” she said.

“I am happy that Geeta has come back to her nation,” Bilquis said. (ANI)

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