Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed uncover that they are expecting baby

Los Angeles, Feburary 7 (CINEWS): Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed are a match made in paradise, and the love birds need to impart their joy to somewhat one! It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, Ian and Nikki are anticipating having a child, The Vampire Diaries star told Diversion This evening! Is it true that we are going to meet this small vamp at any point in the near future?Nikki-Reed-Ian-Sommerhalder-Heifer-Charity-Couple.jl.082314_copy

Ian told Entertainment  Today evening time that his principle concentrates at this moment were taking a shot at the scene of The Vampire Diaries that he coordinated himself(!!), and hanging out with Nikki and their “hairy children.” The couple unquestionably has their hands full with their adored pack of fuzzy buddies (four puppies, three felines and two stallions!), however do they ever consider adding a human to the litter?

“All things considered, you know, [babies] are the coolest easily overlooked details on the planet,” Ian told Excitement This evening. “Standby.” Ian told the outlet that he and Nikki are “completely” dealing with having babies at this moment! Omg, what upbeat news for this sweet couple! Not just are they head over heels for one another, however consider how madly charming those little faces will be!

You can tell that they’re both extraordinarily energized for this new piece of their life to start. Ian had quite recently spouted to ET about having children in September 2015, and here he was, doing it once more! “It’s the most amazing thing to be cheerful and secure in something. It’s a really insane time and place to bring a youngster into this turbulent and crazy world — however I truly can hardly wait to do it and truly simply cherish it,” Ian said. How stunning is that? Presently get it going happen.

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