If criminals move freely, BJP should be ashamed: Sisodia

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New Delhi, Jan 10 (IANS) Aam Aadmi Party leader Manish Sisodia on Friday slammed the BJP at Centre for not being able to control the law and order situation in Delhi and letting criminals move freely in the city.

Sisodia’s comment came in response to a media query on a BJP party leader’s comment that newly joined AAP member Shoaib Iqbal has criminal cases.

The AAP leader said the BJP should be ashamed if a criminal is moving freely.

“If the leaders of AAP or those who are coming to AAP are criminals or murderers and the BJP is not able to arrest them and put them in jail, they should be ashamed.”

He reminded that the BJP was in power at the Centre from the last six years, and have the control over the Delhi Police since 2014 after the saffron party came to power at the Centre.

“Why a criminal is moving free from the last six years. A murderer is moving free in Delhi from the last six years, and you are talking about him because he has joined the AAP otherwise you have allowed him to move freely.”

Sisodia also mocked at the Central government run by the BJP for not being able to manage the law and order.

“If they are unable to manage the police and maintain law and order, they must resign. We will show them how to run the police and maintain the law and order. We will also show them how to put murderers behind the bar, irrespective of their association with political parties.”

Alleging the Aam Aadmi Party of indulging in ‘politics of appeasement’, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra on Thursday listed the cases pertaining to criminal intimidation, voluntarily causing hurt, robbery, dacoity among others slapped against former Congressman Shoaib Iqbal, who joined AAP on Thursday, just weeks ahead of Delhi poll.

He also released a purported video of Shoaib Iqbal’s son, where he is seen vehemently defending sharia, an Islamic law.

On being asked that BJP is accusing AAP of polarising the elections, the AAP leader said everyone knows who is the “master of polarisation”.

“Even a child can tell you now which party cannot win the election by polarising people, In Delhi, we will not allow such trick in the elections.”

Sisodia said they will contest this election on governance.

The city is going for polls on February 8 with BJP and AAP being two top contenders.



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