If saying ‘Vande Matram’ makes me a ‘goon’ then so be it: Vikram Chauhan

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New Delhi, Feb. 24 (ANI): Asserting that there was no pressure on him whatsoever, lawyer Vikram Chauhan, who was seen brazenly leading the attacks on scribes and students outside the Patiala House Court, said on Wednesday that he was innocent and had acted as a true Indian.

“There is absolutely no pressure on me. I am common man and I do not represent anyone. The media is trying to portray me as a goon. I am an Indian and if praising Mother India and saying ‘Vande Matram’ makes me a goon then so be it. Yes there are allegations against me but I’m sure I will be vindicated,” Chauhan told ANI here.

He added that the tape where he is seen thrashing students was completely ‘fabricated’ and stated that he believed in the law and order to vindicate him.

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“There are footages going around which are fabricated. When my video showed up, they believed it without blinking an eye. I have full faith in the law and order or else I would not have showed up here,” Chauhan said outside the Tilak Marg Police Station here where he appeared.

Reiterating that he was innocent, he added that unlike the ‘accused’ in the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) case, he had not spoken anything against the nation.

Chauhan appeared before the Delhi Police today after multiple notices were issued for him.

Earlier, lawyers Yashpal Singh and Om Sharma, who had joined Chauhan in the assault, presented themselves before the police.

Sharma was arrested but was quickly released on bail.

A group of lawyers led by Chauhan had thrashed journalists and JNU students and teachers on February 15 and repeated their act on February 17 against Kanhaiya and some journalists in defiance of the Supreme Court’s instructions. (ANI)

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