‘I’m 80 kg and performing in front of an 3000 kg elephant’, says Vidyut jammwal

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Hollywood filmmaker Chuck Russell’s debut Indian movie ‘Junglee’ starring Vidyut jammwal.

‘Junglee’ produced by Junglee Pictures, the film is set in Orissa and revolves around the unique bonding between a man and an elephant.

Vidyut who plays an animal-loving veterinary doctor out to expose a poaching racket, adding that every time he would discuss a daredevil stunt with Chuck, the director would share his experiences of working with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson on ‘The Scorpion King’ or directing Arnold Schwarzenegger in his 1996 blockbuster-action ‘Eraser’.

He says, “The pressure is on me because I am representing Kalaripayattu from India.”

For the action sequences which boast of several Kalaripayattu sequences, Vidyut has trained in several animal-like body movements.

Vidyut explains, “We have done a Kalaripayattu-style aaradhana, using trunk-like motions. In nature, every animal has his own salutation, and Kalari draws from these movements, which you can see in the film too.”

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The makers have collaborated with stunt co-ordinators from China for the project which kicked off in Thailand in December.

The second schedule is presently underway in Mumbai.

The actor further said, “Living and learning with animals in a completely different experience. I’m 80 kg and was performing in front of an elephant who weighed 3000 kg. One whack of his tail and I would suffer a fracture.”

The film is set to release on 19 Oct 2018.–CINEWS

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