Immigration scam targets South Asians


Recently Mokshi, a naturalized Canadian citizen was startled to receive a call from someone claiming to be a CIC agent. He told her that due to some irregularities in her paperwork when she entered the country, she and her husband were scheduled to be deported. He mentioned that a letter to that effect had been sent to them two weeks earlier, which obviously had not reached them.ImmigrationFraud_May12
She continued to listen to this man who identified himself as Adam Hoffman. He went on to tell her that if she wanted to avoid deportation she’d have to go to Toronto Pearson airport with $5,470 which was some registration and restoration fee. He warned her not to put her phone down or else the police would come and bundle her out of the country.
She then called her husband on her cellphone and then her friend and Immigration Consultant Sheetal Jhuti who asked her to put Mr Hoffman on speaker phone. “I told him that she had legal representation and that he needed to send her a copy of the deportation order,” she said. Needless to say, he got called out and that was the end of the conversation. The man said he was calling from CIC call centre which was in Montreal but the number displayed was an Ottawa area number.
Sheetal listened to his voice and detected it could very well be a second-generation South Asian.
“I called up CIC who said that in the past two months it had handled ten such calls. In a few cases the people were summoned to addresses where they parted with money,” said Sheetal.
The scamsters appear to be targeting largely South Asians in the Peel Regions, many who may not be very conversant in English or may have believe that they have done or written a falsehood on their immigration paperwork.
If you get such a call, do not under any circumstances part with money or any information. As them for identification and then call CIC to verify if what the person calling says is true.

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