Immigration Summit to discuss newcomer issues

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This weekend for the third year, the Conference Board hosts its Canadian Immigration Summit in Ottawa. Naturally then it draws all the stakeholders- basically all those owe their livelihood to bringing in newcomers, they include representatives from government, business, law, education and most importantly immigrant-serving agencies.

Over two days, experts will give fantastic solutions to issues faced by different agencies and also tackled will be one issue that has plagued generations of Canadian immigrants–under-utilization of their talents, businesses not offering them the opportunity to prove themselves and not being able to contribute positively in the labor market.

For maybe the first time, they will also address an issue that threatens the whole immigration program- anti-immigrant sentiment now sweeping Europe and the US.

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Now all these nice suggestions on bettering the immigration system will be compiled into a Conference Board report scheduled for release this summer to help contribute to the national dialogue.

The problems now affecting immigration are even more complex- affordable housing in big cities adds stress and strains family resources, especially new immigrants budgeting and juggling jobs or struggling to find one. New immigrants ideally should be living in areas well-served by public transit that would allow them to get around quickly. But the current housing situation compels many new Canadians to live in areas that don’t have the resources or the jobs they are looking for.

Another problem is that some immigrants may have skills better utilized in a small town where there are abundant jobs for him or her but no infrastructure to support his cultural and social needs, which then forces him to choose between a rock and a hard place. – CINEWS

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