‘Imminent Earthquake’ could kill 40 mln, divide continents

London, Oct. 16 (ANI): A top scientist Dr Keshe claims that an imminent Earthquake is capable of killing 40 million people and dividing continent.

Dr Keshe, in a YouTube video, said that an earth-shattering tremor could divide North and South America, reported the Daily Star.

Dr Keshe who has studied nuclear engineering at the University of London claimed that North China will suffer a number of serious earthquakes in the coming weeks.

The scientist also added that this theory is his own “school of thought”

In his video, he predicted an earthquake with the magnitude of between 20 and 24 would strike South America.

He also talked about the 8.3 magnitude earthquake that hit Chile last month, leading to evacuation of one million people from their homes. (ANI)

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