Imtiaz Ali doesn`t consider `Tamasha` negative

New Delhi, Nov. 24(ANI): When a person hears the word ‘tamasha,’ it links him to negative things, but for director Imtiaz Ali, the case is bit different.

Talking about his upcoming flick ‘Tamasha,’ the 44-year-old director said, “For me ‘tamasha’ is something postitive, it is a story you wish to narrate to the world.”

He added, “Whenever a person speaks out his truth in an entertaining way, that is the kind of ‘tamasha’ I like.”

Further, when the ‘Highway’ hit-maker was asked “why always the same story?” he replied, “Because life is such, I am a very emotional person and I get hurt very often, so I want to spread this out to the world through my films.”

He also said that he tries to use travel as a simile to life in his stories.

When pointed that he always plays with forbidden love stories, Imtiaz said, “Forbidden, difficult or something which is not completely in your grasp is more exciting. You crave for what you don’t have and in achieving that you take steps that redefine you.”

He added, “There is a certain format in life and when you feel something very strongly that is not in that format, you take the journey across in a dramatic way, as no one would be interested in watching a simple love story, where two people meet easily.” (ANI)

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