Imtiaz Ali to give ‘spotlight’ to talent pool of India

By A.Kameshwari

New Delhi, Dec 22 (ANI): Bollywood film director and actor Imtiaz Ali is all set to give voice and space to untapped talent of India with an app called ‘SPOTLight.’

The director, who believes that India is brimming with talented individuals looking for ways to express themselves through creativity, has joined hands with subscription driven video entertainment mobile app nexGTV to launch the app.

The director of the film ‘Tamasha’ believes that the app will make the struggle period little easy for newcomers, but there is still a long way to go.

“This app SPOTLight does make the journey easier and that is the motive behind it. It is also to put spotlight on different regions of the country, on to people who perhaps cannot travel to Mumbai and make movies like I had to do or the other people from the industry had to do at our time. They (people) can work from their own regions and simply put up their talent through uploading a video on the app. It is surely easy to make content but whether that content is accepted or denied by the audiences is the struggle the people still have to live with and I am living with.”

‘SPOTLight’ will not only provide artists a platform to reach out to a larger audience, but is expected to help them monetarily as well.

Imtiaz Ali will judge the top five viewed videos on nexGTV every month and select one video for the grand prize of Rs. 1 Lakh. (ANI)

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