Imtiaz Ali was expecting much worse from Censor Board

New Delhi, Nov. 24(ANI): In the era where all directors are blaming the Censor Board for troubling them by chopping off important scenes, Imtiaz Ali claims that it went easy on him.

While promoting his upcoming flick ‘Tamasha,’ the 44-year-old director said, “I didn’t have a big problem with the censor board, they suggested few things and I think they were sensible.”

The ‘Highway’ hit maker added, “I was expecting much worse, but they were happy with the film, so few observations were made which didn’t harm the film.

Further, when Imtiaz was asked whether his scripts are inspired from real life incidences, he said that not everything he shows has happened in his life. Though some things belong to what he wishes to happen and rest are just incidences which have inspired him. (ANI)

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