In The Mood … a new hookup app for couples!

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Meet underwater! with ITM

Don’t let the singles have all the fun!  A new dating app has just been launched.

In the Mood (ITM) is a hookup app for couples. It’s fun, it’s free and it gives you an easy way to set a romantic date with your special someone. It’s for all couples – new relationships, more established connections, and everything in between.

The App is currently in Beta testing and is set to be released later this summer.

What is appealing about ITM

With specialty stickers, emojis, and other cool stuff like hidden and disappearing photo and video options, it has never been so fun to flirt or so easy to ask for what you want!

It takes the awkwardness out of initiating and helps couples get on the same page about what they want without the fear of making a move that could get rejected or the guilt (about rejecting) if you’re not in the mood.

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How It Works

  • Create an invitation – date, time, and place with the option to include a note, specially designed sticker, photo, video, or voice message.
  • Your partner can either “Accept” the invite or select “How about…” to keep flirting and suggest something new to get you in the mood.
  • Once one partner accepts, “It’s a Date!”

Special Features

  • Fast, secure, and private 1-to-1 messaging with specially designed stickers and emojis to flirt and entice one another.
  • Before the date, the invite will automatically save to your Invites where you can see all of the details of your upcoming date, edit it, or continue to send private notes back and forth.
  • After the date, the invite will automatically save to your Memory Box so you can keep all of your special dates and notes privately in one place.
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“In short, ITM gives couples a fun and easy way to connect and make it happen.  It’s the app every couple should have!,” according to  Trisha Stone, Founder of  In the Mood. _PRNewswire.

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