In world of superheroes, nice to focus on real heroes: John Krasinski

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London, June 18 (IANS) Actor John Krasinski, who essays a character who transforms from his desk-jockey job into a badass CIA field agent in “Jack Ryan”, says it’s great to focus on real heroes at a time when superheroes enjoy a certain popularity.

At the world premiere of the Amazon series at the Monte-Carlo TV Festival ahead of its August debut date, Krasinski spoke about his role in the show, which take a leaf out of Tom Clancy’s books. The series is an all-original story.

“I really loved the idea of playing a superhero whose only real superpower is using his brain, and his instincts,” said Krasinski, who added that Ryan is like a supercharged version of the actor’s former everyman character Jim Halpert in the sitcom “The Office”.

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“It’s very inspiring in the world of superheroes and capes and flying and shooting things out of your hands. It’s nice to focus on real people and real heroes,” he added.

He feels showbiz has been devoid of telling stories of real heroes, “of people who believe in this country in a way that is apolitical, that’s about being proud of where you’re from, not which side of the aisle you stand on”.

The actor said the role appealed to him after starring in Michael Bay’s Benghazi drama “13 Hours”, another action film that claimed to be apolitical.



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