India, Africa ties marked by rich cultural tradition: Modi

New Delhi, Oct 23 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that the relations between India and African countries were not just political and economic but had a very rich cultural tradition.

In his remarks at the interaction with African journalists at the editors forum for the third India-Africa Forum Summit (IAFS), he said that his government had taken initiative to invite all 54 countries of Africa for the forthcoming India-Africa summit and this “partnership with all” will bring new freshness in mutual relations.

Modi said this is the first summit where all the 54 countries of Africa have been invited and all of them are participating.

“Till now as per the information that we have received, 40 countries will be represented at the head of state, head of government level, and the rest are being represented by senior ministers,” he said, adding the summit was attracting the attention of the entire world.

“I think it is this partnership and this equality that is being given to all the countries. This is an initiative on our part and I think this is what makes this summit different from the two earlier versions. It is this partnership with all which is going to bring a new freshness in every corner of Africa. This new freshness is not just for Africa but also for India that this summit is going to bring new freshness in our relations,” he said.

“The relations between India and the countries of Africa, these relations and these bonds that we have, are not just political and economic but we also have a very rich cultural tradition.”

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