India and Pakistan are like ‘a bickering divorced couple’

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Mahira Khan shares a moving letter on her Twitter account. 

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan is yet to make her debut in Bollywood opposite superstar Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Raees’. Amidst the hostile situation prevailing between the two nations, Mahira recently expressed her feelings about this enmity with a post written by Pakistani celeb Alizay Jaffer.

Mahira shared the post on her Twitter account which happens to be Alizay’s personal experience of what she feels about the Indo-Pak enmity.

Islamabad-based Alizay Jaffer has posted a touching Facebook post about India-Pakistani ties, which has over 7000 likes.

She writes in her post, “To the world, most of the time, we are siblings; constantly at loggerheads, trying to get into daddy’s good books so that he may buy us a toy, or take us for a drive, or better yet, increase our allowance.

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“Other times, we are like a divorced couple, sharing space, constantly bickering over who lost out in the settlement, unable to finally come to terms with the fact that we are no longer together. It seems the scars of our separation are still so ripe, so painful, that they can’t accept that we left, and we can’t accept that they let us leave. In an event like this, we only find solace in making sure the other is just as hurt as we are, so we put in our all our resources, our best efforts, to do exactly that.”

She goes on to write that some of her best days in the last 10 years were spent with “my brothers and sisters from across the border; sharing a meal, listening to music, discussing politics”.

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She further writes, “What will never be ‘just another event’ is one we never address. The fact that we are now divorced; the fact that our separation is painful for both of us; the fact that where there is now hate, there was once unity and a common pride; the fact that we allowed an external power to come in and manipulate us, and we fell prey; the fact that no one will know us like we know each other, because after all, we were once but one.” – CINEWS

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