India and Pakistan through the eyes of two partition-separated brothers

New Delhi, Nov.24 (ANI): “Through Orphaned Eyes” is a book written by Ajay Singh, and traces the story of India and Pakistan through the eyes of two protagonists – brothers separated at Partition.

The two brothers, one who goes on to become the head of Pakistan’s ISI and the other who remains an unnamed Indian, chart their own destinies which reflect the course of their respective nations.

The book brings out the psyche of the people of the two nations as it takes you through their battles, their culture, cricketing rivalry and their battles within.

It traces Pakistan’s linkages with the Mujahedeen and brings out how that relationship now threatens to tear it asunder. It also hints at how India’s success story can be easily derailed by the rampant corruption and asks pertinent questions of the future of both nations.

The book was released by General G D Singh and General Ata Hasnain, who also spoke on their own experiences. General Hasnain said that the book drew strong parallels with his own story, since he too had members of his family in both India and Pakistan.

Many members of the audience identified with the theme and it seemed to strike a chord with most.

When questioned about the title, the author said that more than the fact that the two principle characters were orphaned at an early age, it reflected the fact that the two nations seemed to have been orphaned by their own leadership.

Pentagon Press announced the release of their latest published book at a packed function at Kota House yesterday. The event was widely attended by members by a diverse and keen audience.

Through Orphaned Eyes by Ajay Singh is available for Rs. 545/-. (ANI)

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