India can develop only under Modi’s leadership, says Mukesh Khanna

Hyderabad, Nov 13 (IANS) Actor Mukesh Khanna, chairman of Children’s Film Society India (CFSI), has said that India can progress only under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and that no other leader in any political party has the vision.

The veteran actor of “Shaktimaan” fame said here on Friday that there is no intolerance in the country. Returning of awards by some artistes and writers is all politics by the opposition to pull down Modi, he says.

“The country can progress only under the leadership of Narendra Modi. If you remove him, there is no leader in all the parties put together, with a new vision,” he said.

Khanna was talking to reporters on the eve of the 19th International Children’s Film Festival of India, beginning here on Saturday.

The actor said Modi was the first prime minister who spoke about the need for building toilets in all schools, during his Independence Day address from ramparts of Red Fort.

“If Pakistan attacks us, we will give a befitting reply. This was the regular speech we had been hearing every August 15, but for the first time, a prime minister spoke about the need for every school to have separate toilets for boys and girls,” he said.

Claiming that Modi has tremendous ideas, Khanna said no leader before him thought of ‘Make in India’.

Targeting the opposition parties, the actor said they were opposing Modi just for the sake of it.

“They want to pull him down to get power. They are not bothered about India,” he said.

The CFSI chairman said the results of the Bihar assembly elections were not a point to prove that there is intolerance. He attributed the result to too many people getting together for votes through a false propaganda that Modi is not secular.

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