India, Pak held over 150 rounds of talks, but in vain, claims Geelani

Srinagar, Dec. 10 (ANI): Reacting to India and Pakistan’s decision to hold ‘Comprehensive’ Bilateral talks, Separatist Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani on Thursday said since independence, both nations have held more than 150 rounds of talks, but they not only have failed to solve the Kashmir issue, but also failed to resolve their own differences.

He said the relationship between India and Pakistan is captive of the Kashmir problem, and unless this problem is solved, ties between the two neighbours won’t improve.

When asked about the United Nations’ attitude on the Kashmir issue, he said: “It is not good. The UN is under pressure of India, and that is why it is not fulfilling its responsibilities.”

Talking about the ISIS, Geelani said its actions are against humanity, and Islam doesn’t approve of it. “We have strongly condemned the ISIS attack in Paris that claimed more than 130 lives. But, the US, Russia and France bombing of ISIS hideouts are also killing innocent Muslims, which is also not approved by Islam.” (ANI)

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