Indian economy highlights from Modi’s Independence Day address

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New Delhi, Aug 15 (IANS) Major comments on the Indian economy made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his Independence Day address to the nation from the Red Fort here on Monday:

* Be it the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank or the World Economic Forum, they have all declared India to be the best destination for global capital.

* GST is one such tax reform that will help us bring financial stability. One nation, one grid and one price is what we have worked on.

* We are working with the RBI to bring inflation to the 4 per cent, plus-minus 2 per cent range. Under the previous government, the inflation level had crossed the 10 per cent mark, but we did not let it rise above 6 per cent.* The government had brought down the cost of a Rs 350 LED bulb to Rs 50. We want to distribute 77 crore more LED bulbs.

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*Earlier village roads were constructed at the rate of 70-75 km per day. Now we construct 100 km in a day.

* Public sector companies were always seen as ones that make losses. My government succeeded in bringing Air India back to a situation where it is logging operational profits. BSNL has also managed to report operational profit.

* The impossible was made possible by adding 21 crore people in the Jan Dhan Yojana.

* The government was trying to link all government schemes with Aadhaar to avoid leakage.

* Post offices will be converted into payment banks. With the advent of technology post offices are becoming irrelevant and the government is focusing on keeping them relevant.

* The government had decided to complete around 118 projects worth Rs 7.5 lakh crore of previous government which were pending for years.

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* Pension for our freedom fighters will be increased by 20 per cent. So those who are receiving Rs 25,000 will now get Rs 30,000.

* It is my dream to double the income of farmers by 2022.



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