Indian music has its own thing: Dutch DJ Dyro

Vagator (Goa), Dec 29 (IANS) After rolling out numbers like “Aao raja” from “Gabbar is Back” and Punjabi tunes, Dutch music producer and DJ Dyro, who enthralled attendees on Day 2 of the Sunburn festival 2015 here, believes that Indian music has its own charm.

“To be honest, Indian music has its own thing. We never hear it in Europe and America but, to me, it is very cool and amazing to draw inspiration from. I would like to work with Indian artistes but I don’t know anybody,” Dyro told IANS here.

Dyro, whose original name is Jordy van Egmond, shared that he did his own investigation on Indian songs to connect with the audience here.

“I did my investigation of a couple of Indian songs. It is not like I remember all those songs in my head. But I think those are favourites here and I mashed them up with a couple of songs,” he said.

Although Dyro feels that the global music scene is “boring” at the moment, he believes that it got better during 2015.

“The present music scene all over is boring. Because it’s all the same. This year, it got better, it was boring the last year when everything sounded the same. For me, that was kind of a turning point because I told myself, I don’t want to do this anymore,” he said.

“I want to be known for my own thing and not what everybody is following,” the 23-year-old added.

Dyro, who came into the limelight after being discovered by Dutch DJ Hardwell, collaborated with DJ Tiesto for a single titled “Paradise” in 2013 and has worked with internationally acclaimed DJs like Martin Garrix and Bassjackers.

He hopes that over the next few years, “bull***t” gets filtered out from the music scene.

“I hope the bull***t is going to be filtered out. Won’t name anyone, it isn’t a personal thing, just about the music thing. I hope in the next ten years it remains popular out there,” Dyro said.

“I am having fun flying out to people, playing my music and making people happy. But I hope it’s going to be more about the music and more creative and more diverse,” he added.

The four-day festival began on December 27.

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