Indian Ocean cannot India’s backyard: China

Beijing, July 2 (ANI): The Chinese ministry of defence in Beijing has said that the Indian Ocean cannot be a backyard of India, which navies of other countries could not visit.

China, which has been expanding its naval operations into the blue waters of the world, says that it’s important that oceans are accepted as part of the legitimate area of operation.

“India had a ‘special role to play in stabilising the Indian Ocean region’, but it could not be treated as its backyard,” Senior Captain Zhao Yi told media persons.

He also said that it wasn’t appropriate to say that the ocean could be India’s backyard, otherwise how would they explain the right of navigation by the navies of Russia, American and Australia there.

Zhao further said that a geopolitical research think tank in the US has said that severe clashes could break out in the Indian Ocean area, adding that he did not agree with that. (ANI)

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