Indian woman ‘recruiter’ for ISIS extradited from Dubai

Hyderabad, Sep 11 (IANS) A Dubai-based Indian woman allegedly recruiting youth for terror outfit ISIS in Syria and Iraq has been extradited, police said.

Afshan Jabeen alias Nicky Joseph was brought to Hyderabad on Friday. There are allegations that the woman, a resident of this city, was recruiting youth online for Islamic State and propagating jihadi literature.

A police officer said she would be examined and arrested.

The woman was extradited as part of the investigations taken up by police following the arrest of a US-returned engineer in January this year at Hyderabad airport when he was allegedly leaving for Syria via Dubai to join ISIS.

Salman Moinuddin had told police that he was in touch with Joseph and they were planning to leave for Syria to join Islamic State.

The 32-year-old techie, who has a master’s degree in electronics from Houston, that he came in touch with her over social media when he was in the US.

Initially it was believed that Joseph is a British national who converted to Islam and known by her Islamic name Ayesha.

According to police, Moinuddin admitted that he was trying to attract youth across India with an intention to take them to Syria and Iraq.

Police claimed that he intended to undergo training in Syria, and after returning wanted to indulge in anti-national activities in the country.

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