Indians don’t understand sarcasm: Filmmaker Farah Khan

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Mumbai, Sep 17 (IANS) Choreographer-filmmaker Farah Khan says sarcasm is not something which Indians understand as she has herself faced the music for being bluntly honest at times.

But still, Farah finds it tough to be fake in the industry.

“It’s not difficult for me to be real (in Bollywood), but it gets difficult for me when I read an article the next day. Most of the time, when I am joking and saying something with sarcasm or with a sense of humour, but, that doesn’t come across in the article.

“You even get trolled for something that you have not said… It doesn’t come across the way you said it,” Farah told IANS.

She wondered why “the smile” is taken out of a line in news articles.

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“Sarcasm is not something which Indians understand very well… They take it literally. That gets difficult. Having said that, it’s difficult for me to be fake,” she added.

Farah, who has made several actors groove to her choreography, says she is now bored of it.

“I am bored of choreographing now. Also when you get a taste of directing a movie, it’s different. I choreograph once in a while but to go and do that everyday on the sets, I can’t do I find it boring.”



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