India’s music scene needs record labels to pump funds, power: Anushka Manchanda

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New Delhi, June 27 (IANS) She was a part of India’s first girl band Viva, has sung for Bollywood films, carved her space among ‘women of Indian rock’ and now through her alias NUKA, Anushka Manchanda hopes to express her creativity freely. The singer feels the Indian music scene needs record labels which can push talent the right way.

Asked what is it that she is missing in India’s music scenario today, Anushka told IANS in an email interview: “Record labels coming in to pump funds and power into creating and presenting artistes like the stars that they can be.”

On her part, she said, “I can just do my work and hope that I am able to find my audience. This is what I want the most… to be able to find my people.”

NUKA is an alias for Anushka, through which she will release content as a music producer and visual artiste.

What does the name stand for?

“It is Nature’s Universal Kinectic Ascension. It is to remind myself that there is an energy moving through this great big universe, and I must put myself in the flow of it,” explained Anushka, who believes it when Paulo Coelho writes, “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”.

“My mother, who uses crystals for healing, always tells us that when you want something you must say it out loud, because the universe is listening. I also think literally saying something can effect change. Sound waves are very powerful, and certain frequencies affect us in certain ways,” she said.

The “Golmaal” and “Dum maaro dum” singer has years of experience as a performer, but it is her technical skills as a music producer, an editor and a creative producer that will drive the content that NUKA puts out. Her first release under this is the single “Don’t Be Afraid”.

What does her song tell listeners to not be afraid of?

“Everybody’s got some shit going on. Really. Things are not always how they seem. We are in this together… so don’t be afraid. When you lose someone, their energy returns to the earth, so don’t be afraid. Don’t fear death. Life is life and so death is death… But your energy cannot be created or destroyed…and it lives on… So don’t be afraid,” Anushka said.

As for her own fears, she said she has “big problems” with time management.

“My intentions are all good, but my planning and business skills suck. I used to fear that I would not reach my full potential as an artiste because of this… But now I believe that I am exactly where I am meant to be.”

What’s new on the Bollywood front for her?

“I sing for movies and then I forget about it. I don’t speak about it. Until the film comes out and I hear my voice on the track. Then it’s a bonus. There’s many a slip between the cup and the lip…. especially in the playback scene these days,” said the singer, known not to mince words.

Asked for a comment on whether the industry has opened up to women composers, Anushka said: “I don’t know enough to comment. I never faced any sexism in the industry, and I haven’t interacted with many female composers. I want to do all kinds of music in life… No limitations, no boundaries.

“For now though, I want to focus on my sound and putting my music out into the world.”

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