India’s relationship with US defined by natural synergy of democracies: Sushma Swaraj

Wahington, Sept. 22 (ANI): External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has said that India’s relationship with the United States is defined by natural synergy of the democracies and easy identification among the people.

“Today, our relations with the U.S. are defined by a natural synergy of democracies and easy identification among our peoples. We are both open societies which value education and enterprise. Institutions in both India and the United States – the executive, legislature, political parties and businesses – pulsate with the same values and beliefs,” she said at the US-India Business Council (USIBC) event on Monday.

Swaraj said the Americans of Indian origin epitomize the appreciation of excellence, reflecting the freedom and opportunity cherished in our countries.

“During the last one-and-half year of Prime Minister Modi’s government, a sense of vigour and purpose, steady stream of new ideas, creative approaches and focused action have dominated our bilateral engagement,” she added.

Swaraj said today, across both governments, there is a great deal of comfort, maturity and candor in our conversation.

“There is political support for building relations with each other, in both capitals – here in the U.S. Congress and in our Parliament. In last one year, we have worked to underpin our political and strategic convergences with concrete action on the ground to progress our overall engagement,” said Swaraj.

“We have harnessed the commonalities between our two countries to further bilateral priorities in several areas, including defence and security; countering terrorism and extremism; clean energy and environment protection; S&T and Space; manufacturing and digital technology,” she added.

Swaraj further said, “We have developed mechanisms for co-development and co-production of defence equipment and practical collaboration in defence technologies to enhance the strategic content in our relations.”

“Our countries are promoting energy cooperation to facilitate India’s green growth, sustainable development and energy security. We are doing so not only in the bilateral space but also in responding to the global challenge of climate change. We are linked by ties of research, education, health and science,” she added.

The External Affairs Minister pointed out that the collaboration has not only served our two countries but served the wider world.

Swaraj said it is true that an important pillar in the broad sweep of our multifaceted partnership has been the strength and vigour of the private sector partnership between two great democracies.

“USIBC and its membership manifest the tangibilities of this vitality in our economic and commercial ties. You have been one of the key drivers and a positive voice in the growth, evolution and continuing maturing of India-U.S. relations,” said Swaraj.

“I commend your achievements, and in keeping with your past successes, urge you to create new synergies that bring the businesses and governments closer to each other,” she added.

The External Affairs Minister said one of the key priorities of Prime Minister Modi’s Government is to focus sharply on meeting India’s developmental priorities and overcoming various challenges.

“Naturally, high economic growth is one of the ways for us to address our needs. But, beyond relying on the downstream impact of high growth, the matrix of our responses also includes efficient, effective and transparent policy and executive action,” said Swaraj.

“The approach of our government also envisages proactive and extensive use of innovation, technology and research to leapfrog some of the physical infrastructural constraints that we face,” she added.

Swaraj said India’s focus is on building 100 smart cities, rejuvenating the Ganges river and developing cities along its banks and skilling 300 million youth by 2022.

“We have plans to boost urbanization and we are determined to provide affordable power and housing for all. We want to connect manufacturing in India with global supply chains and target to develop product based and service based industrial and governance platforms around Digital India,” said Swaraj.

“All of these initiatives and plans present real commercial and business opportunities for the U.S. industry to partner with Indian public and private sector, and with a larger economy for a win-win outcome,” she added.

Swaraj said the business of diplomacy in India’s present government is business.

“The government’s priority from day one has been to make it easy to do business in India and with India,” said Swaraj.

“We want to ensure that the concerns of those who create jobs and bring value to our countries are addressed. The decisions taken by government have led to a significant jump in FDI inflow into India in the last one year,” she added. (ANI)

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