Indira Gandhi saw Priyanka as her political heir

New Delhi, Oct. 26 (ANI): Veteran Congress leader ML Fotedar has said that former prime minister Indira Gandhi saw her granddaughter Priyanka Gandhi as her political heir.

“In the guest house when we were sitting, she told me that the astrologer has told her that Priyanka Gandhi has a very bright future. She told me that Priyanka was named Sharika in the beginning, but she didn’t remember that Satish Sharma’s daughter’s name was Sharika,” he told ANI in an exclusive interview ahead of the release of his book ‘Chinar Leaves’.

“Indira ji had named Satish Sharma’s daughter as Sharika earlier. Indira ji told me that when Priyanka Gandhi grows up, the people will forget me as my grand daughter has a very bright future. She asked me to take care of her. I had told Indira ji that it is not sure that I would be alive by then. Replying back she told me that you will be alive and will see,” he added.

The Congress veteran further said that Indira Gandhi did not name Rahul Gandhi in the conversation.

“Rahul’s name was nowhere. She only took Priyanka’s name. She said that by looking at Priyanka, people will forget me and remember Priyanka. After I told Rajiv ji, he was very happy. He made special arrangements for Priyanka. He sent her to Dehradun to study. Rajiv ji also thought that Priyanka would do great. Rajiv ji also agreed that she will become the Prime Minister,” said Fotedar.

“After Rajiv ji when Soinia ji asked me what was told by Indira ji, I told her. I wrote a five-page report on what Indira ji had told me that very night and in that report it is written that Priyanka would go ahead and handle all the work. I gave this five-page report to both Rajiv ji and Sonia ji, saying ‘you must have it, it doesn’t matter if I have it or not’,” he added. (ANI)

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