Industry is obsessed about how an actress should look: Anjali Anand

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New Delhi, April 20 (IANS) Anjali Anand loves her curves and has no plans to lose them just to meet the demands of her profession. The “Dhhai Kilo Prem” actress is determined to defy the industry norms and carve her own ‘plus-size’ story.

“Our industry is obsessed about how an actress should look. But personally it doesn’t affect me or change my thinking. I want to sign a series, film, ad only because someone has noticed me for my work and not my ‘looks’,” Anjali told IANS in an email interview.

The actress got famous with her stint in TV show “Dhhai Kilo Prem”, and is currently seen in Star Plus’ show “Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala”.

She has become an inspiration for women all across, but says being pudgy is not her USP.

“I wouldn’t say it has become my USP but that is how I was noticed for my first show. Now that the audience recognises me for my differentiated roles, it is easier to break the clutter and the stereotypes set in the industry against various body types.

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“At the moment, I am receiving a variety of roles because of my physicality and talent that has widened my options across platforms as a model and as an actor,” she said.

Anjali feels people concentrate more on their looks and weight in the industry.

“I don’t think I would ever want to lose weight just because I need to fit in. I want to inspire more and more people and reiterate that ‘It is okay’ not to be size-zero.

“If I ever have to lose any weight, I’ll only go against what I have been saying for years; I am very comfortable in my own skin. I get messages from people who consider me their inspiration. I don’t want to disappoint them by going against what I have been striving to inculcate through my work and interaction with the audience. Even if I can inspire and make a difference to those few people, my work is done.”

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Anjali wants to see women like her and people who are body conscious to be on the cover of every magazine.

“When we talk about beauty or a Manish Malhotra model, it shouldn’t only be synonymous with slim women. People need to start accepting us the way we are,” she added.

Apart from driving a change about body image, Anjali is not afraid to take risks in her professional life as well.

While most actresses are hesitant to essay a mother’s role, she picked up such a role for her second stint on the small screen, and the character has shades of grey.

“It is definitely very challenging for me as an actor because Lovely and Anjali are poles apart. I have to portray someone I am not. For me, every new day is like a new challenge. While I am on set, I grasp and understand what the director tells me. The moment he says action, I’m a different person altogether,” she said, adding that there are many layers to her character.

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“If you see the current track of the show, you will believe that Lovely is an outright negative character. But as the story unfolds, a lot of her shades and layers will be revealed.

“In her present avatar, she is a selfish wife to a self-loathing rockstar but her character will transition towards a rather emotional and heart-broken woman struggling to put back the pieces of a perfect life together.”

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