Information of all entries to Canada sent to US Homeland Security

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Many new immigrants are under the impression that if they don’t enter the United States, their personal information will not be in their hands. However, not many may even be aware that the minute a foreign tourist, student or permanent resident sets foot in Canada, all their personal information is sent to US Homeland Security.

Recently Lexbase, Canada’s leading immigration magazine under immigration lawyer Richard Kurland, obtained a report on Evaluation of the Biometrics (Steady State) and the Canada-United States Immigration Information Sharing Initiatives that notes: “The purpose of this evaluation is to examine the relevance and performance (including delivery, efficiency and economy) of the ongoing operations of biometrics collection, matching and verification … as well as the ongoing, systematic, biographic- and biometric-based immigration information sharing between Canada and the U.S.”

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It also states: “For systematic biographic and biometric information sharing, the sharing is query-based, meaning that when an application is received, the system automatically sends a request for information to the other country.”

It adds: “Canada sends biographic-based queries to the U.S. on the following applicants: all foreign nationals applying for a temporary resident visa (including student or work permits), permanent resident visa, and refugee resettlement overseas.”

Well all this should not be of any concern to most law-abiding citizens from around the world, however, it makes it easier for the Americans to apprehend anyone for wrongdoing once their information is in their hands. -CINEWS

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