Inspiring youth to explore diverse careers

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Gladeo, an American non-profit organization, founded by Stanford graduate and film professional Michelle Cho, is  inspiring and helping young people discover, navigate and achieve their dream careers. By providing freely available online content, Gladeo strives to ensure that young people have access to quality career information, regardless of their socio-economics, ethnicity, or geographic location.

“I once read that ‘to accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe,'” states Gladeo Founder and President, Michelle Cho. “So Gladeo does more than just deliver facts and how-to’s. We also make videos that help young people see stories of diverse men and women living out their dream careers, everyday heroes that they can relate to and aspire to become.”

Gladeo’s mission is to improve career-readiness, reduce un/under-employment, and bring down educational debt burdens by guiding youth towards better-informed educational and career choices. The organization aims to create awareness surrounding all careers that young people can choose from, including those that they don’t know about or know how to pursue, and to increase diversity in each field.

By introducing innovative multimedia career content and distributing it through their career exploration website ( and social media, Gladeo is striving to make the career exploration process fun and engaging. Through their inspiring and entertaining videos, in-depth career profiles, infographics, and live streaming Q&A sessions, the organization provides students, parents, teachers, guidance counselors, mentors, and non-profit program directors with resources that help young people explore career paths and gain valuable insight and knowledge about those careers. Student loan debt and delinquency is at an all-time high, and there is a lack of diversity in high-paying industry sectors. Cho is on a mission to alter these statistics.

“I’ve always been passionate about empowering youth,” continues Cho. “Helping them find and pursue opportunities they never thought possible is very rewarding. I believe that everybody has a right to dream, and with hard work and determination, build a promising future for themselves.” – PR Newswire.

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