Instagram loves hot girls and cats

New York, Dec 24 (IANS) So, despite your best efforts, your Instagram posts failed to go past a few hundred likes in 2015? Never mind, as to garner likes in millions either you have to be a famous personality (pop sensation or sports star), a hot and sexy girl or a cat! That’s what results suggest.

The photo-sharing app has put out its list of most-liked photos of 2015 and Meredith the Cat (Taylor Swift’s pet) stars in two of the top 10, along with a handful of other superstars, reported.

After introducing its ‘Search And Explore’ update in June, the photo sharing site opened their platform to a wider fan base in 2015.

An analysis by Vocativ of the “most liked photos” revealed what it takes to have your image “liked” millions of times over.

Firstly, be a female. Of the 99 images included in the roundup, 90 featured female celebrities. The nine male images were split between Justin Beiber, Leo Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Secondly, be a musician. Just over 25 percent of the images came from Selena Gomez, followed by Taylor Swift.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner came in third and fourth, followed by the ‘selfie queen’ Kim Kardashian. Beyonce and Ariana Grande had five images apiece on the top list.

Also, being a mom seems to win Insta-affection. Both Beyonce and Kim Kardashian show off their little ones.

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