Instagram now allows storage of high-resolution photos

Washington, July 7 (ANI): Instagram has started storing images at 1080×1080 pixels, up from the low standard of 640×640 pixels that it started out with.

According to the Verge, the app is not yet displaying images at the higher-resolution as such by Instagram, but the users can find at the source code on Instagram’s web view which reveals that new photos uploaded to it are being saved in 1080px resolution.

Also, both Android and iOS uploads are being stored in the higher resolution now.

For the users who want to find the larger version of a recently uploaded image in their browser, they have to open the page’s source code on a desktop on browser like Chrome, then search for “.jpg” within it. The first result should be the URL to the larger version of the picture.

A spokeperson for Instagram said that they willgradually roll out 1080 on both iOS and Android.

Instagram also says that at present they are focused on mobile with no plans to share on web. (ANI)

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