Integrated Policy modelling to deal human development issues, says researcher

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By Neelapu Shanti

New Delhi, Jan. 8 (ANI): Policy modelling can play an effective role in dealing with an array of issues related to environmental degradation, for instance, clean energy, air, water, poverty and human development.

Human development is encountering different challenges and thus needs policy modelling, which will not only provide directions but will show relevant implications of such policy on the society.

Anandajit Goswami, a researcher who is currently working with The Energy and Resources Institute, Delhi believes that integrated policy modelling needs to be adopted which would integrate all sorts of modelling and address policy research questions in a holistic, integrated manner, as the solutions to the policy questions need amalgamated efforts.

Quoting from his blog, he said, “Policy modelling is like making a middle of the road film of 1980s’ attempts to understand the requirement of the people for a viable sustenance and effective policy modelling in reshaping the society.”

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“I have been writing about several policy issues in my blog – using metaphors of sports, art, music, films, personal anecdotes since 2009. The attempt is to relate a policy story to everybody next to my and your house and around us in a more informal, easy going, narrative manner to create a wider awareness on these issues for the society at large”, said Anandajit Goswami.

Policies like the Odd-Even formula in the national capital, to curb the rising pollution, has further fuelled policy modelling initiatives.

Recently, the Indian government also announced regulations to manage dust from construction sites.

Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar also announced that the government has decided to implement Euro VI compliant fuel norms from April 2020.

A seamless and workable effort is must to address the growing need and issues that hinder the growth of mankind.

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The researcher further added that while the country grows, it needs to be seen that it does not lead to exorbitant high levels of resource and material consumption. Therefore, a stable growth path is required that can balance the needs of nature and maintain future resources and does not lead the society towards excessive material and resource consumption.

Every country has to ensure that employment generation, development dividends and aspiration levels of the people of the country is constantly maintained while it grows. And if that system is not taken care by balancing growth and developmental dividends, aspirations together entropic elements can set in and it can lead to a violent and consumerist society. (ANI)

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