Intelligence report flags Palestinian student group as ‘national security threat’

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College campuses have always been epicenters of anti-establishment sentiment, but Tactical Rabbit has identified one group in particular that has crossed the line from healthy, democratic activism to being a clear and present national security threat.

In a letter to the top administrator at one of the nation’s most revered institutions, Everett Stern – U.S. Senate candidate, HSBC whistleblower and Tactical Rabbit intelligence director – reveals the results of a lengthy human intelligence operation involving this group. The open letter and complete intelligence report are available here.

“The U.S. and Canadian college system provides a huge market of a young upcoming generation to indoctrinate toward their goals, as well as the financial assistance to do so,” says Stern. “Today’s organizational member goes on to graduate and become a newspaper editor, a congressman, a principal, a teacher or even a professor, any one of whom wields influence in our society.”

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The report explores the leadership structure of this student group, which has more than 80 chapters in the U.S.,Canada and New Zealand; many go by different names, but all are united by a common mission. Tactical Rabbit has discovered evidence of links between terror groups and high-level leaders within this student organization. Its activities, meanwhile, reveal an undercurrent or racism, extremism and the glorification of violence.

“This group should be disbanded immediately, and its leader – a well-known professor – should be dismissed,” adds Stern. “There’s precedence for that action with similar groups, so I urge this university to do the right thing and remove this rotten apple. Our intelligence report provides all the evidence and insights to support such a move.”

Tactical Rabbit’s analysis and forecast spells out the specific federal laws that the subjects of this investigation are violating. The report also includes in-depth profiles of each individual subject and how he or she is linked to terror financing, logistical support or propaganda efforts. Most alarmingly, Tactical Rabbit has determined that fundraising processes have evolved to be more difficult to discover and trace, frustrating the efforts of regulators and intelligence agents.

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According to the report, current events in Palestine – namely the Israeli ground offensive in Gaza – is accelerating the efforts of pro-Palestinian groups around the world. The network of groups investigated by Tactical Rabbit have fundraising nets that extend well beyond the campus community, which is one more piece of evidence that these are much more than student activist organizations.

To develop this hard-hitting report, Tactical Rabbit leaned on all of its skills and expertise, including financial intelligence, open source intelligence, human intelligence and cyber intelligence. Stern and his team then applied proprietary analytical and collection methods to make sense of all that data.

Tactical Rabbit is a leading-edge intelligence firm offering customized investigation services for US citizens, organizations, the government, and businesses ranging from small companies to Fortune 500 corporations. Tactical Rabbit has a proven track record of previous work with financial institutions, law firms, hedge funds, and governmental agencies. – USNewswire

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