Intense campaign to encourage the Muslim vote

Mississauga, September 18 (CINEWS): While the population of Muslims has exploded across the country, it has not resulted in a corresponding increase in their vote share and the reason is that a majority don’t even bother to vote, like so many
Just 30 per cent of Canadian Muslims cast a vote in the last federal election, a number of groups are trying to get more people from that community to the polls.
The Canadian-Muslim Vote has been handing out pamphlets and speaking to potential voters at Mosques and other gatherings throughout this election campaign. With issues like security legislation, immigration policy and Islamophobia in the news, there’s plenty to talk about in the diverse community.
And with more than 1 million Canadians identifying as Muslim as of 2011 and that population expected to grow, the community does have some political clout.
It is really important that not just Muslims vote, but all Canadians vote. The percentage of Canadians voting has been dropping alarmingly over the past couple of decades. In the last federal elections, just around 40 per cent of eligible voters cast their votes, making that the lowest number in Canadian history. The percentage of voters in municipal elections is way more dismal. The idea is to enthuse Canadians to be more enthusiastic about voting and being engaged in the political and social process in the country.

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