Interactive art focusses on disappearing bio-diversity

Kolkata, Oct 5 (IANS) An installation of interactive art works, on display here, aims to draw attention to the disappearing biodiversity and ethnic lifestyles.

Christened “Disappearing Dialogues”, the exhibition by artist Nobina Gupta is a series of interactive artworks with nature, people and objects.

“… forcing us to wake up to the call of disappearing bio-diversities, ethnic lifestyles, cultural traditions and antiquities,” Gupta said.

Involving students of Nomadic Residential School, Puga, Ladakh and the nomadic Changpas of Ladakh as well as the schools, children, communities of Kolkata and CST Mumbai, the exhibit is on at Gallery Sanskriti till October 15.

The multi-media art show uses a series of light and sound installations, real-time installations, ink drawings, archival prints, sculptures with brass, copper, aluminium, acrylic, viner, LED, lights, steel, wood and marble, canvas works, video projection, prints on metal and photographs along with postcards and response of children and the public.

Highlighting its relevance, Gupta said: “Most of us are caught in rat race where hundreds of people rub shoulders with each other, live out their lives without exchanging a single word or thought. Distanced from reality, we ignore the things that are fast disappearing with time.”

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