International Film Festival: treat for the Kashmiris

By Aakanksha Agarwal

Srinagar, Nov. 9 (ANI): People in the state of Jammu and Kashmir were in for a treat at an international film festival, which was recently held in the valley.

The Kashmir Valley came alive at the recently concluded two day International Film Festival, held in Srinagar city.

Filmmakers, actors, directors and other artists from the entertainment industry attended the event.

Sarooj Kafeel, the organizer of the festival said, “While reading a book, one travels to various places in their mind. Films, which is a visual medium is considered as the most powerful form. When you are watching a film, you experience what is shown in the film for yourself. That is the artistic intention behind making films.”

Titled as, “Kashmir Moving Images Festival,” the event presented a collection of films from different countries with a special focus on the Middle Eastern cinema.

The collection of films at the festival helped the audience to acknowledge the culture and cinema of the Middle East.

Popular Bollywood filmmaker Madhur Bandarkar also attended the festival. “Wide variety of films from Iran, Germany, Spain, Portugal and various short films which I thoroughly enjoyed watching. I would like to encourage the Bollywood actors to come to the state by means of shooting for a film and for attending the festival. Kashmir is called the heaven on earth, I feel that such festivals and cultural should take place in large numbers here. It will give a boost to the tourism in the state and also generate employment opportunities for the people.”

The Tagore Hall, where the event was organized was jam packed with prominent writers, poets, actors and intellectuals from the valley who were seen enjoying the festival.

Rumi Jaffery, who has written and directed several Bollywood movies, was all praises for the event. “This is indeed a great initiative. The entertainment industry is a unique form through which one can send across their message to the people and help them experience the beauty of a place. Through the festival the people would get an opportunity to visit the state, which is considered as a heaven on earth. This is the best platform for exchange of ideas and cultures. Such festivals should take place regularly in the Kashmir Valley, as it adds a unique charm to the event.”

Zameer Ashai, an artist from the valley, said, “I think that it is great that this film festival is being held in Jammu and Kashmir, and films from different parts of the world are being shown here. It would help to inspire the local artists and help them learn about international cinema. It is also a good way for to learn about the culture of other countries.”

Such festivals provide a perfect platform for the exchange of culture and ideology between different countries and help the people to appreciate the diversity. (ANI)

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