International para-swimmer reduced to washing cars to earn a livelihood

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New Delhi, Jan.16 (ANI): It seems that cricket is the only sport in India which enables players to lead a lavish lifestyle, whereas other sportspersons really find it hard to earn their livelihood.

The story of international para-swimmer Bharat Kumar is another example of negligence that sportspersons, other than cricketers, have to face in our cricket crazy nation.

Bharat Kumar, who is a gold medalist in World Games, a silver medalist in the World Championship for India, has been forced to wash cars of others to earn his living.

It is such a sorry state of affairs that Kumar, despite bringing such laurels to the nation, is still without a job.

He has tried a lot and approached a lot of people but has got no response. Distressed by this, the gold medalist has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He wants the Prime Minister to listen to his problems and do something that might help him. (ANI)

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