Introducing… Fifty Shades of Grey meets Eat, Pray, Love

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Sex, drugs, abuse, redemption in Calgary author’s memoir

It’s not a Hollywood screenplay but the true life story of Lina Sage that’s been written in a compelling memoir called The Last Ten Pounds: One Woman’s Journey To Love (By Shedding Fear, Anger, Hatred… And Everything In-Between). Lina’s turbulent childhood in Calgary was marred by sexual abuse leading her down a reckless path. Escorting was a means to get Lina out of financial debt. When a rich client offered her a way out, she graciously accepted… until one fatal mistake leaves her life in ruins. Still carrying the rage of her childhood mishaps, Lina decided to embark on a spiritual journey to transform her life to ultimately free herself from the emotional baggage that had consumed her.

Studies have shown that 1 in 5 girls are victims of child sex abuse, although the actual number could be much higher as most cases of abuse go unreported. Lina was one of those girls whose cases went unreported. She therefore carried the pain throughout her adult life resulting in immense self-hatred.

With Lina’s transformation, she realized that forgiveness was the key. “It’s not as simple as accepting an apology from those who have wronged you because if that were true, why do so many of us recant the past, bringing that person’s wrongful action up every time there’s an argument? True forgiveness can only happen when you relinquish that person’s power over you, claim it for yourself and not allowing the name of that person to trigger any emotion from you.”

The Last Ten Pounds: One Woman’s Journey To Love (By Shedding Fear, Anger, Hatred… And Everything In-Between) is available through Amazon in print and Kindle version on October 8, 2016. To arrange an interview or request an advance copy of the book, please contact the author directly at [email protected]

Lina Sage is a writer, speaker, producer and entrepreneur. She is the creator and founder of Chic Spirituality – a movement whose philosophy is to live your life with heightened awareness by surrounding yourself with things you deem beautiful. – CNW

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