Iran accuses Saudi Arabia of ‘airstrikes’ on its embassy in Yemen

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London, Jan. 8 (ANI): Iran has slammed Saudi Arabia for carrying out airstrikes against the Iranian embassy in Yemen saying that the attack has left scores of guards injured and that the diplomatic building had faced major damages.

According to the Guardian, witnesses claim that the compound is still intact and Saudi officials have hit out at the charges saying they are ‘propaganda’

Following the execution in Saudi of a prominent Shia cleric on New Year’s Day tensions have been high between the two nations.

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman, Hossein Jaberi Ansari slammed the Saudi Government for the Yemen provocation .

“This deliberate and intentional act by the Saudi Arabian government is in violation of all international conventions and legal treaties regarding the protection and impunity of diplomatic compounds under all circumstances. Iran holds the government of Saudi Arabia responsible for this act and wounding of a number of embassy staff and damages made to its building,” Ansari was quoted as saying by the website of the state-run IRIB network.

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However, Saudi defence sources said the airstrikes in Yemen had been happening for a long time but there was no sign of damage to the premises of the embassy.

“All embassy coordinates in Sana’a have been known to the air force since the start of operations. This claim is not true. It is propaganda,” one official told the Guardian.

The two countries are the major rivals in the Middle East and have been engaged in proxy wars in various neighbouring countries for a greater share of influence in the region. (ANI)

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