Iran faces first elections since landmark nuclear agreement

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Tehran, Feb. 26 (ANI): Iranians turned up in large numbers today to vote in the parliamentary and assembly of experts elections, which is being seen as a contest between hardliners entrenched in power and allies of President Hassan Rouhani seeking to expand their influence.

Iranians cast their ballots to elect the new Members of Parliament and a Council of Clerics in the elections seen as a referendum on President Hassan Rouhani’s rule, reports Guardian.

An estimated 50 million people are eligible to vote on a pre-selected list of candidates during the polls on Friday.

The elections take place just a month after years of economic sanctions against the country were lifted.

Election is a symbol of the political independence of a country. By voting the people decide the future of their country, Rouhani added after casting his vote.

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The Parliament, also known as the Majlis, has 290 members who are responsible for passing legislation in the country, approving the annual budget and international agreements, including the recent nuclear deal with the West. (ANI)

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