Iranian underground music group KIOSK out with new album

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Stereo Tull Presents breaks new ground in rock/blues/folks genre

Tehran-born and now U.S.-based rock/blues/folk group KIOSK continues to break boundaries with their ninth album STEREO TULL PRESENTS. Singing sometimes in English and at other times in their native Farsi, the famed underground Iranian group uses music to speak out against the Islamic government’s oppressive rule. Formed in Tehran in 2003, and known for its wry lyrics confronting Iranian cultural angst, the name Kiosk stems from times when the original band members gathered together in any possible makeshift space or “kiosk” to play their music without fear of arrest. For more info please visit /

The Iranian – now US based Kiosk band

Pioneers of Iran’s underground music movement, Kiosk is praised for its sharp and satirical lyrics, as well as its unique blend of musical styles, from rock to gypsy jazz to Iranian folk.

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Their new album Stereo Tull Presents is out now and available on iTunes and CD Baby. It’s potency stems from an important organization during a most volatile time in Iran.“Studio Tull” is a strange name, but one familiar to Iranian music-lovers after the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran. For almost a decade, “Studio Tull” was one of the most famous underground names to distribute music under a government that led a cultural purge similar to Mao Zedong in China. Islamic radicals eliminated any cultural product that was affiliated with their enemy, “the West.” Their most hated art form was music – especially rock music.

Kiosk is famous for its use of slang, informal, and humorous language in its lyrics, which are mostly written by band mastermind Sobhani, based on daily experiences and sociopolitical observations. The band’s first album, Adam-e Ma’mooli (Ordinary Man), was issued in 2006. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered in various basements and home studios around the world, since band members were living apart before uniting in North America.

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Stereo Tull Presents is the band’s ninth album to date, and carries the same lyrical wit and weight as the first. The street culture in Kiosk’s music is based on present-day Iran, which may make it a little hard to be completely understood by people who have left Iran many years ago; but the band’s music has attracted much attention among young Iranians in the United States, even those who were born outside Iran.

KIOSK’s Current Band Members: Arash Sobhani (guitars and voc als), Anoush Khazeni (backing vocals and guitars), Babak Khiavchi (guitars), Ali Kamali (bass), Ardalan Payvar (keyboards), Shahrouz Molaei (drums), and Mardjan K (backing vocals).

Upcoming Dates

Friday, October 7 – Revival – Toronto, ON @ 9:00 pm – 1:00 am; Saturday, October 15 – Venue Nightclub – Vancouver, BC @ 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm (PDT) -CINEWS/SPEAKMusic

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