Is 3-year-old Sebastian a privileged individual from Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Posse?

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Los Angeles, March 30 (CINEWS): While the jury is still out on that, the “See You Once more” rapper gave his and Amber Rose’s lovable child kid a cameo in the new music video for his track “Zoney” off of his most recent collection, Khalifa.

Despite the fact that the initial couple of minutes of the video are exemplary Wiz (you know, him smoking something), whatever is left of it shows clasps of the pleased father tackling caring obligations with his valuable infant kid, including face painting, playing amusements, getting dessert, and appreciating some great ole father-child quality time. Stars, they’re much the same as us!

While those scenes alone are sufficient to make your heart melt, there are some other must-see valuable minutes in the video, for example, Seb saying sweetly, “I cherish my daddy,” and Wiz reacting, “I cherish you as well, good looking kid.” UGH, Delightful.

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Sebastian even carries the amusing with an on-point impersonation of his renowned father’s mark snicker!

This is not the first run through Wiz let Seb sparkle in the spotlight—the tyke is known not his cool father in front of an audience here and there, too!

In spite of the fact that a few folks might have worries about weed in the lives of their youngsters at such a youthful age, Wiz and Amber are going for the open-book approach with regards to that theme. In a meeting with E! News in 2012, the folks uncovered that they plan to instruct their child about pot use and that it is entirely a grown-ups just action.

“I believe it’s about how you’re raised with it,” the rapper said, “before there was a substantially more negative outtake on it. You know, pot and what it can do, and the impacts of it.”

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“Obviously,” he included, “I’m not going to be smoking in that spot over the child, since smoke when all is said in done and being high is bad for a child. None of that. Yet, unquestionably he’s going to recognize what it is—and he’ll know the contrast between being a youngster and not having the capacity to utilize it and being a grown-up and knowing how to utilize it.”

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